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This podcast seeks to define what VR animation could be, not necessarily what it is today.

The guests I’ve lined up are not what you might expect to hear from in a podcast about animation and animation in VR. This is because, by all counts and from all perspectives, we’re coming up short describing what VR is and what it can be. Anyone who tries to use traditional cinematic means to describe how to go about the storytelling process, usually box themselves into something traditional and not innovative or earth-shattering.

Shout-Out to the BroadCast

Being that my first guest is also from Peterborough, I’d like to dedicate this episode to Catherine Hanrahan and Dani Stover. They called me out as the Peterborough Podfather and dedicated one of their shows to me! They talked about the de-taxing of feminine hygene products and titled my episode, “Drunk and Old”. I think they had the best of intentions by dedicating an entire episode to me, so I’ll try to do them reciprocal justice. Girls, this one’s for you.

Doug Tilley

Doug TilleyDoug Tilley is a lifelong geek, and an occasional pop-culture writer and podcaster. You can find his work on, where he regularly writes about microbudget movies and film-makers in his No-Budget Nightmares column. In 2011 he began the popular No-Budget Nightmares podcast with Moe Porne, with a second ludicrous podcast – Eric Roberts is the Fucking Man – following in 2015.

In 2013, Doug reached out to me after I moved to Peterborough as it seemed we shared a love for independent film making, cheezy horror films, and ‘cutting edge digital trickery’. His article on me and my work as editor for the 2001 cult classic film ‘Bikini Party Massacre’ remains as my most complete biography. My mother still doesn’t know what I do for a living, and maybe even less now, but Doug’s article came the closest to describing who I am and how I got here.

No discussion about low-budget or cheezy VR in films would be complete without a tribute to Lawnmower Man.

Future guests already confirmed are of course animators and game designers, animation professors, marketing specialists, independent film makers, film festival directors, improv actors, theatrical designers in lighting and sound.

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