Matt Davey, Dot Bunny Game Developer

Matt Davey, Game Developer

Matthew Davey Game DeveloperMatthew Davey is a AAA game development veteran with over 13 years of experience programming, supporting and operating projects in and around the games industry with over 100 shipped projects. Specialized in Unity development, Matthew is recognized as a Unity expert providing innovative, yet simple solutions to complex problems.

Matthew holds positions on numerous educational institutes’ advisory boards for game development related programs, and continues to produce industry recognized open source tools.

He owns and operates his own development studio in Peterborough, Ontario, dotBunny, which continues to provide consultation and development support in the game industry as well as other sectors.

He is working with California based game developers inxile-entertainment on a game Torment: Tides of Numenera, that raised over $4 million dollars.

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