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Subscribers to the ardeeXYZ podcast know host Rick Dolishny has an affinity to using traditional theatrical examples to describe one way of thinking of VR production.

Listen back to Sean Stephens discuss theatrical lighting, or Steven Bardel discussing audio… we’ve figured out certain techniques to attract audience attention and tell compelling stories for theatre, and many of the lessons learned apply to VR.

So when author/director/visionary Skye  Von wrote the article ‘4 Lessons Virtual Reality and 360 Filmmakers Can Learn From The Theatre’, Rick was compelled to reach out. And Rick is not alone. Over 337,000 readers read this article with great interest.

Skye’s work goes beyond writing. One of her latest projects is a music-video-VR-experience for the band Aloud, ‘Falling Out of Love’. Are we at a renaissance of the music video?

Skye joins Rick to discuss the 4 lessons for VR from theatre, and other projects she’s working on or inspired by.

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